About Us

ISUN, is a large-scale Chinese foreign joint ventures engaged in the production of knitted apparel in Ningbo, with seventy thousand square meters of garden style factory, 1200 employees. Established at the end of 2003, after several years of development, ISUN has developed into a set of weaving, dyeing and finishing, printing, embroidery, washing, clothing, international trade in one of the large-scale clothing enterprises. Monthly output of 800 thousand, 2009 sales revenue of 250 million yuan, turned over to the state tax about 21000000 yuan.

ISUN production of a variety of women’s wear, men’s wear and children’s wear, mainly exported to Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia, Japan, South America and china. Today, ISUN has become the dominant supplier of many international well-known clothing brands, and has formed a long-term strategic partnership with them.
ISUN high - quality products, from the perfect quality control system. From the selection of cotton yarn, cloth weaving and dyeing and finishing, storage of finished fabrics, as well as test pieces, inspection and control into semi-finished products and finished products, each link reflects the ISUNren relentless pursuit of product quality.

At the same time, in order to meet customer demand for a higher level of ISun, changed the past simple clothing enterprise customers to sample OEM OEM mode, and to design and manufacture of ODM-, which has become the key Design (design). Understanding and grasp of fashion since ISun using their own design team for many years, the company’s overseas offices provide analysis combined with the latest international fashion trends, development and recommended for customers to provide regular new fabrics, new style and new technology, so that customers get greater convenience, improve customer loyalty to AI sheng. In the spacious ISun proofing center staff, rely on the CAD design pattern design system of powerful and complete accessories inventory system, sample production team trained with regularity to the sample sent to the customer in the shortest time.

ISUN has a large number of good foreign language skills and professional knowledge of the business with a single staff, to ensure that the most professional and most timely services to customers. Through electronic management, and efficient order processing system, at any time on the order of the completion of tracking, the actual execution order, to maintain contact with customers, ensure each order can be completed on time.

ISUN attaches great importance to the social environment, and actively energy-saving emission reduction, the implementation of safe production; always pay attention to employee health, to create a home with a general feeling of work and living environment. Through the construction of corporate social responsibility system, enhance the cohesion of the enterprise, realize the harmonious development of the enterprise and society. At present, ISun has passed AVE (German retail industry social responsibility standard), BSCI (business social responsibility standards), WRAP (global garment production and the principle of social responsibility) and a number of international social responsibility system certification, and won the honorary title of many places.